This page is about the Power Upgrade that appears in Kamichama Karin Chu♥, Evolution of Love.


When Kazune goes to the Future (Chapter 8-9), he met the Future Karin who told him that there's a way to defeat the stronger Seed of Chaos and it's by doing the Evolution of Love. It is somekind of a Power Upgrade, when the 3 Honored Gods and the Goddess (Karin/Aphrodite) have a strong spiritual connection, then it will result a new power which is called "The Evolution of Love" or simply, "Love Evolution".

Love EvolutionsEdit


Karin and Kazune's Love Evolution

In Kamichama Karin Chu♥, there's some Love Evolutions that had appears :

Kazune and Karin'sEdit

This is the 1st Love Evolution that appears on Kamichama Karin Chu♥ and involving both Kazune Kujyou and Karin Hanazono. It appears on Chapter 10 for the first time. It has been the most used Love Evolution Karin has done, as their (Kazune and Karin) spritual connection seems to be stronger and stronger by the time.
The Attack they use is "Love Caelum". The Caelum itself could be defined as a star constellation, which forms the image of a chisel. The outfits they used combines the color of White and Black and it's full of lace ornaments.


Karin's Outfit at Her and Micchi's LE

Micchi and Karin'sEdit

Is the Second Love Evolution that appears on Kamichama Karin Chu♥, involving Michiru Nishikiori and Karin Hanazono. It first appears at Chapter 17, when they all in a Stage Play and Rika interrupt them. This Evolution of Love is only used for 2 times, making it the second most used Love Evolution Karin has done.
The Attack they use is "Love Thalassa". Thalassa itself is known as Primordial sea goddess, daughter of Aether and Hemera. It also means "Sea" in Greek. The outfits they wear using the shade of Blue and Teal.

Family Love EvolutionEdit


Karin, Kazune, and Suzune's LE

Family Love Evolution is an Evolution of Love that involved Karin, Kazune and Suzune. It first appearance is at Chapter 18, when they all go to the beach, caused by Kirio Karasuma. Even though it's only used once, it is the one that cause Future Karin finally spoken for the first time, giving tips to the Present Karin and The Others.
The Attack they use is "Family Love", symbolize their love as a family. The Outfits they wear using the shade of White.


Karin, as The Cover of Vol 7

Jin and Karin'sEdit

Jin and Karin's Love Evolution is the last Evolution of Love that appeared. It was spontaneously appear after Jin finally brought back by Karin, after his body was almost completely taken away by Kirihiko Karasuma on Chapter 26/Finale. However, even though this only appeared once and last of all, it is probably the most powerful one, since it can un-resurrect Kirihiko Karasuma away.
It is not revealed what power they used yet. The outfits they wear combined the color of Black and White.