Himeka Kujyou
Biographical Information
Birthday March 14
Gender Female
Age 13 (14 Chu)
Race Japanese
Blood Type AB
Physical Appearance
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Mythology Nome
Attacks Nome
Weapon(s) None
Family Suzuka Kujyou/Karin Hanazono (mother)

Kazuto Kujyou/Kazune Kujyou (father)

Kazusa Kujyou (aunt)

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Japanese Noriko Shitaya
Himeka Kujyou (九条 姫香 Kujō Himeka) is the fake cousin of Kazune Kujyou, but the real daughter to Susuke Kujyou and Kazuto Kujyou.

Personality Edit

Himeka is a very mild-mannered person. She tends to speak slowly and softly, is sometimes timid and air headed. She's sweet all the time, she appears calm and is rarely flustered or panicky, unlike Karin.

Appearance Edit

Himeka has brown eyes and long, straight, dark purple hair that reaches down to her chest. She typically wears her hair down, with three small green clips on each side of her head. Himeka has noticed that she somehow looks similar to Kazusa, Kazune's sister.

Sypnosis Edit

Himeka was born from Suzuka and Kazuto, then split in two by Kazuto to hide information. This Himeka (Himeka Kujyou) she is not goddess.

About HimekaEdit

Himeka is Karin's friend and Kazune's "cousin". Himeka is a half goddess, of which the other half is Kirio's younger sister, who is also named Himeka (Karusuma). The two Himekas are connected, when one become stronger, the other becomes weaker and vice versa. Ever since she had been young, she had always defended Kazune, who had been a bit of a crybaby. Strangely, the only adult at hers and Kazune's house is the butler. She loves Kazune very dearly, though she has admitted that the love she feels for him is a bit ambiguous, as she feels like its as if he's an "older brother, younger brother, and a dad" all in one. She is a very kind girl who has an odd love for bugs (which Kazune hates) and is a great cook. She is very polite, speaks quietly and is a little too gullible and trusting at times.

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