Karin's Aunt
Manga aunt

Anime Debut

Karin-chan's Mysterious Ring <Episode 1>

Manga Debut

No information


Suzuka Kujyou (Sister)

Kazuto Kujyou (Brother-in-law)

Himeka Kujyou (Niece)

Karin's aunt actually Suzuka Kujyou's sister and took care of Suzuka's child form, Karin Hanazono, when Suzuka's memories were erased by Kazuto Kujyou and turned into a child form. She does not realises that Karin is actually Suzuka. She sees Karin as the daughter of Suzuka. Nothing much is known about her as she appears very less in both the manga and the anime. In fact, she is only shown in episode one, and in chapter 1 of the manga in Karin's flashback when Karin thought of Shii-Chan.


Karin's aunt is shown to have very short black hair that reaches until her neck. In the anime, her face was not seen at all except her mouth. In the manga, her complete face was seen. It is shown that she wears lipstick and she has a few wrinkles on her face. Karin's aunt also wears a long sleeved dark blue shirt with a white apron. Her bottom dressing could not be seen.


Karin's aunt is shown to be very different from Suzuka Kujyou, even though they are sisters. While Suzuka is polite and soft-spoken, Karin's aunt seem to be a little more hot-headed. She is shown to be grumpy and wears a deep frown on her face. She also dislikes Karin Hanazono and said she was stupid and useless when Karin scored badly for one of her tests. She also said she only raised Karin because she was her relative but in the manga she said she was raising Karin because of her dead sister which was Suzuka Kujyou.