Kazusa, in her human form
Kazusa Kujyou

Kazusa Kujyou, in her human form

Name: Kazusa Kujyou
Debuted in: Kamichama Episode 3 (in bird form) (Himeka-chan's Secret)
Voiced By: Ui Miyazaki


Blonde hair, light blue eyes, bunny ears and Traditional clothes with a flower on her left arm. In the manga, she is stated to look just like Himeka and kinda Kazune.

About Kazusa KujyouEdit

She is Kazune's sister. She assumes the form of a bird using the power of god transformation, and she dresses in a traditional Japanese costume with bunny ears when she is in her human form. She has the power of the goddess Artemis and helps Karin in place of Kazune. Kazuto created her like what he did to Kazune. Her first appearance is in volume 3 of the manga, but is fully introduced in volume 4. Her god transformation looks similar to Kazune's, probably due to he fact that they both appear like twins or the fact that Artemis and Apollo were twins.

Kazusa, in god mode
Kazusa, in god mode

Kazusa, In God Mode

Kazusa in her bird form
Kazusa in bird form

Kazusa in bird form

Kazusa in the manga

Kazusa (manga) in her human form