Kazuto Kujyou
Kazuto Kujyou
in the anime
Biographical Information
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race Japanese
Blood Type A
Physical Appearance
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Mythology None
Attacks None
Weapon(s) None
Family Suzuka Kujyou (Wife)
Himeka Kujyou (Daughter)
Kazune Kujyou (Son,Clone)
Kazusa Kujyou (Daughter, clone)
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Kazuto Kujyou is a character from Kamichama Karin and Kamichama Karin Chu. He is the orninal form from Kazune Kujyou.


He has dark brown hair, the style is the same as Kazune and he has brown eyes like Himeka.

About Kazuto KujyouEdit

Kazune's and Kazusa's "father" and Himeka's real father. Married to Suzuka (Karin). He is a professor at a university, he created the rings with Kirihiko Karasuma, but later hid the research information within Himeka due to the power of the Gods. He had cleared Suzuka's memories in order to protect her from Karasuma Kirihiko. The ring he gave Michiru had the power to seal any amount of evil, rather than allowing for transformation into a god.