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Kirihiko Karasuma
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The person who had adopted Kirika and Kirio. He used to be best friends with Professor Kujyou, but now hates him for hiding the research data from him, which he had sealed within Himeka, and for marrying Suzuka (Karin), who he was in love with. He later possesses his son Kirio, but Karin and Kazune stop him. He is actually Jin's "pastlife," much like how Suzuka is to Karin. In chapter 7 of Chu, with the help of Rika Karasuma, he manages to possess Jin's body for a short time.


  • Kirihiko Karasuma shares his trait with Albert Wesker from Resident Evil Series:
    • Both them are Hungry Power;
    • Both them are former alliance with protagonists: Kirihiko good friend with Kazuto Kujou since college until he jealous to him because he married Suzuka Hanazono,while Albert was member of STARS (Special Tactics And Rescue Service) with Chris Redflied and Jill Valentine until he betray them;
    • Both them are killed by the protagoinsts at the end of story: he was defeated by Karin,Kazune,& Jin,while Albert was defeated by Chris and Sheva Alomar by trhowing him inti volcano. 

Kirihiko controling Jin's body
Kirihiko controling Jin's body

Kirihiko controling Jin's body