Biographical Information
Birthday May 8
Gender Female
Age 17
Race Japanese
Blood Type AB
Physical Appearance
Hair Color Dusky brown
Eye Color Brown
Mythology Nyx
Attacks Turbulance Knocks
Weapon(s) Nyx's Staff
Family Kirihiko Karasuma (Adpoted Father)

Himeka Karasuma ("Sister) Kirio Karasuma (Twin Brother)

Friends Karin Hanazono
Enemies None
English None
Japanese Yuki Kaida
Kirika Karasuma (烏丸 キリカ Karasuma Kirika) is a goddess character in the series Kamichama Karin. She is the twin sister of Kirio Karasuma, and the older sister to Rika Karasuma.

Personality Edit

Kirika is very quiet but is sometimes very smart. Also, she is more reasonable than her brother Kirio, making a deal with Karin to save both the Himekas. However once she got hypnotized by Zeus's ring and te ted Karin's power. Kirika is a very kind-hearted person and cares for Kirio even when he gets possesed by Zeus's ring.


Dusky brown hair with brown eyes, and tall. In the future Kirika gets longer hair and starts looking more like a girl. In her God mode she has longer hair and talks more like a girl


She transformed into Nyx in episode three although unwilling to, tested to see if Karin was a real goddess. Also, in the future Kirika starts dying.

About Kirika KarasumaEdit

Kirika is Kirio's twin sister. Her and Kirio do not get along very well. Often fights, but they agree on some boundaries.

For most of the series people often mistaking her as Kirio's twin brother when she really is a female. People sees her with slightly masculine features to go along with her natural feminine beauty, as well as a kind personality, Kirika came across to many as a princely figure, which caused Karin to instantly develop a crush on her.

At first, she does not believe that Karin is a goddess, but comes to believe in it. Kirika is unwillingly forced to fight Karin because of the other Himeka and her brother Kirio.
Kirika in god mode

Kirika in God Mode

Later on the manga in Volumes 4 and 5 and in the anime, episode 16, it is revealed to the protagonists that she is actually female. Kirika explains that after the deaths of their parents, Kirio was all she had, but when he started becoming interested in the God rings, she felt as if he were slipping away from her. She at some point chopped off her hair and started pretending she was male in an attempt to in a way emotionally follow Kirio in his footsteps and prevent him from straying too far away. When Karin reveals to Kirika that she had had a crush on her. Kirika had admired Karin for being able to be powerful without having to hide her gender. She gives help to Karin and Kazune when her father revives through her brother, Kirio.In Goddess form, she is Nyx, the goddess that Kirio sent out in the first book to see if Karin was actually a goddess.

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