Michiru Nishikiori
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Biographical Information
Birthday April 13
Gender Male
Age 15
Race British/Japanese
Blood Type AB
Physical Appearance
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Blue (right eye was removed and replaced with purple)
Mythology Neptune
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Weapon(s) Neptune's Staff
Family Unnamed mother and father (deceased)

Kazuto Kujyou (adoptive father)

Friends Karin Hanazono
Kazune Kujyou
Enemies Kirio Karasuma
Rika Karasuma
English None
Japanese Akira Ishida

Michiru Nishikori (錦織 みちる Nishikiori Michiru) is a character in the series Kamichama Karin and Kamichama Karin Chu. He is often called Micchi as a nickname, is an exchange student from England. He is an orphan; his parents were killed in a car accident. Lster in Chu series he was annoced as one of the three noble Gods.


Micchi is tall compared to his classmates, and has light brown hair that reaches his shoulders. His most striking feature is his heterochromia, a condition that makes one of his eyes a different color that the other (the left is blue, the right is purple); as a child, he was in a car accident and lost his natural left eye. Kazune Kujyou's father saved him by making a replacement left eye.

Interestingly, his replacement eye is the same shade of blue as Kazune's.


Micchi is somwhat eccentric, showing off a happy-go-lucky and slightly airheaded personality that contrasts with the almost sinister seriousness he can display depending on the circumstances. Despite his occasionally shady characteristics, he can be genuinely kind, and is sensitive to the feelings of others.

He is very amorous and flirts often with the people around him regardless of gender. He most notably makes numerous romantic advances towards Kazune and Karin, and has kissed each of them on the lips at least once, having been both of their first kisses. He also relatively often kisses them both on their cheeks.


Background Edit

Michiru's parents died in a car accident when he was a child. He too almost died after losing his left eye in the accident, but Kazuto Kujyou repaired his eye, saving his life. In the manga, Michiru is suspected by Karasuma Kirio to be one who holds the power of Zeus's ring (however, Sakurai was really the one who held the power), whilst in the anime, Michiru is the one who holds the power of Zeus, thus becoming a more important and plot-relevant character.

Kamichama Karin Chu Edit

Micchi in god mode (neptune)

Michiru in 'god' form (Neptune)

Michiru now has a ring that has the power of Neptune. While conversing with her future self, Karin finds out that Micchi dies in the future. After hearing this, Micchi falls into a state of deep depression. He later pulls out of it realizing that his devotion to Professor Kujyou doesn't mean staying alive as a tribute to his memory, but protecting him (Kazune) and the one he cares about (Karin).In the anime, his ring has tremendous amount of power that is as great as the ring of Zeus. In the manga, he isn't the one with the power which Karasuma Kirio is sensing. Yuuki Sakurai is the one.

When Micchi and Karin go to the future for the final battle, Micchi's destiny of dying is accomplished when he is killed by Kirihiko Karasuma possessing Jin. Kirihiko revealed that he always thought Micchi to be the most powerful of all the children shortly before Micchi dies.

However, in the epilogue it is shown that Micchi was revived and is a happy man in his twenties and is seen at Karin and Kazune's wedding.

Trivia Edit

  • He is in the same grade as Karin but is older than his other classmates because he spent a year in the hospital.

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