Miyon YiEdit

Miyon yi
Miyon Yi
Biographical information

13 - 14



Physical appearance
Hair color

Aqua green (Brown)

Eye color

Light brown


Karin Hanazono

Behind the Scenes
Himeka's best friend from elementary school. Karin met her on her first day at school. She has a crush on Sakurai Yuuki and hopes that he would get to music school. She also enjoys writing plays, (she wrote the play in both Kamichama Karin and Kamichama Karin Chu which is vaguely identical to Snow White and the Three Musketeers respectively.), which are very unusual and no one understands. The only one who appears to understand them are Karasuma Kirio, who greatly admires Miyon's work and has a soft spot for dramatic plays.
In Kamichama Karin Chu, she is said to be in critical condition due the house fire in the Sakurai's home, and eventually will die as well. However, by rewinding time, it was suggested that it was prevented and she became alive and well. It was proven when she was shown attending Kazune and Karin's wedding.