Nike, in Shii-chan's body

Nike, in Shii-Chan's Body.

Name: Nike
Age: Immortal
Voiced by: Nanae Katō
Debuted in: Kamichama episode 4 (Reunited With Shii-chan)


A brown-gray cat with a small star on her forehead.

About NikeEdit

Karin's cat, also known as Shii-chan, was Karin's pillar of support when she was scolded by her aunt but Shii-chan died. She is later resurrected by the goddess, Nike, who lived inside her. She helps Karin now by giving advice and by turning into a shield. In one instance, Karin uses her as a projectile. "Shi-Chan" initially scares Karin when she returns because she is supposedly dead, and Karin believes her to be a ghost.