Nyake is the pet of Karin Hanazono from the series Kamichama Karin and Kamichama Karin Chu. She was also given the name Shii-chan by Karin.




Nyanke is color gray and has bead-like eyes. It also has a green ribbon around her neck and has a star on her forehead.


Nyake first appears in the first episode of Kamichama Karin. It is said that whenever Karin's aunt scolds her, Nyake is there to cheer her. Nyake died in the first episode and Karin made a grave for her. On episode 4, Nyake returns and Karin mistakes it for being a ghost. Nyake says that she is the companion of Athena before. During the battles of Karin and Karasuma, Nyake helps them.

Kamichama Karin Manga Edit

In the comic Nyake always with Karin when she was sad into the cat died leaving Karin Hanazono alone. She was believed she was alone having no one to cheer her up when things got tough. Karin Thought she was alone because of this. The cat returns in the last chapter of the first book making Karin freak out throwing stuff.