Rika Karasuma
Biographical Information
Birthday June 13
Gender Female
Age 14?
Race Japanese?
Blood Type AB
Physical Appearance
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Mythology Eris?
Attacks Seeds of Chaos
Flower of Chaos
Weapon(s) Black Chronos Clock
Family Karasuma Kirio(Older Brother)
Karasuma KirikaOlder Sister)
Kazuto Kujyou (Father)
Suzuka Kujyou (Mother)
Friends Shingen Tsutsumi
Enemies Karin Hanzono
Kazune Kujyou
Michiru Nishikiori
Jin Kuga
English None
Japanese None

Rika Karasuma is a goddess from the series Kamichama Karin Chu.. She is the younger sister to Kirio Karasuma and Kirika Karasuma. She is known to be apart of the Three Dark Noble Gods. It is possible she is a goddess herself?


She has her hair pen up in swirly pigtails. She wears black and white dresses sometimes fully black. While Kazune was in Jin's body in the manga Kamichama Karin Chu he described her as beautiful.

About RikaEdit

She is a mysterious girl who sets the Seed of Chaos. The seed caused Karin's Chronos Clock to reverse. She calls Kirio her brother. In Chapter 14 of Chu, she finally reveals that she is Karasuma Himeka from the future. She also has her own Chronos Clock. It is stated in Vol 6 of Chu that Rika is attempting to revive Kirihiko to help prevent Kirio & Kirika's death due to the experiments that Kirihiko has done on them. Also revealed is that the main reason for trying to save the twins is that she fears being alone and unloved. She got the nickname from Kirika, Ki"Rika". She appears once in the anime in the beginning of the first episode, but for a very brief moment, and her face is only partially if not to be seen.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unsure if Rika is the goddess Eris of being the opposite of Athena.