Debuted in: (Karin-chan's Mysterious Ring) <Kamichama Karin Episode 1>

Age: Unknown.

Shii-Chan is Karin Hanazono's dead pet cat and her only companion before the start of the Kamichama Karin series.


Shii-chan is a cute cat with brown-gray fur and wears a red ribbon on it's neck.

About Shii-ChanEdit

Shii-Chan is very close to Karin Hanazono and they love each other very much. It was the only companion Karin had other than her aunt which she was not very close to. Whenever Karin was depressed, she would always turn to Shii-Chan for support and concolation. Like the time when Karin scored badly for her test and got scolded badly by her aunt. (Karin's Aunt) However, a few months prior to the beginning of the story, Shi-chan died of an unknown cause, leaving Karin feeling very sad and alone. It was one of Karin's visits to Shi-chan's grave when she meets Kazune, the former cryptically asking if she is a "god".


Shii-Chan's grave