Shingen Tsutsumi
Thumb Shingen
Biographical Information
Birthday  ?
Gender Male
Age  ?
Race  ?
Blood Type  ?
Physical Appearance
Hair Color  ?
Eye Color  ?
Mythology None
Attacks None
Weapon(s) None
Family  ?
Friends Kirio Karasuma

Rika Karasuma

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Shiingen Tsutsumi is a character from Kamichama Karin Chu. is friends with Kirio Karasuma and Rika Karasuma.

Shingen Tsutsumi Edit

He knew Rika Karasuma for a short time and he wants to spin time with her soon as possible. He sees her as a crush and anything she does is beautiful. He agrees to be her teammate to help out although he thinks it's for the greater good. Rika thinks he's troublesome at times.

Kamichama Karin Chu Manga Edit

He first appears in chapter 10 of the manga series Chu.