Yuuki Sakurai is a student in the series Kamichama Karin.
Yukki Sakurai
Yukki Sakurai
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Dark brown

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Voiced by

Hiroyuki Yoshino


Yukki has dark brown hair that is a bowl cut parted to the side.

About Yuuki SakuraiEdit

Miyon's friend from elementary school. Plays the violin and the piano, although he's embarrassed to admit it. He thinks Karin tested into their school and thinks she's very intelligent. He has a power which can make a forbidden ring (at last known as Zeus's Ring) shine in the manga series only. In the Anime, he is just a normal classmate of Karin and Kazune's. He has a crush on Miyon. He has a less important role in the anime, although he has much more important in the manga. In the manga, he holds the hidden power of Zeus, which Kazune thought Michiru had that hidden power.

Trivia Edit

  • Yuuki resemblance to Shingo Komoi from Cardfight!! Vanguard series. Which is also aired at TV Tokyo, the TV station was aired Kamichama Karin anime series;
    • Interestingly, Hiroyuki Yoshino who voiced Yuuki also voiced Shingo. However, Yuuki voice pitch is more masculine than Shingo.